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Try out a combination of your design on different name card printing material to discover the subtle differences in overall impact and the materials have to offer.

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  1. Linen Paper

This type of paper contains a linen pattern and engages users with a subtle elegant texture that is smooth and interesting to the touch. As linen is a luxurious texture, details and print quality are revealed in absolute clarity, almost highlighted and enhanced when using linen paper. Suitable for delicate and elegant effects, linen paper is perfect for minimalistic professional design.

  1. Glossy Stock Material

Glossy stock material are one of the most popular name card printing material that people have chosen over the ages. This is due to the fact that glossy stock material gives name cards an effortless shiny aqueous effect with it’s shiny finish, making it ideal for name cards that rely on bright eye catching colours and images to gain the attention of clients. An added factor would be that glossy stock material’s protected with a coating that prevents it from tearing or sustaining water damage.

  1. Pearl Paper

Much like glossy stock material, pearl paper focuses on giving name cards a bright sheen. Only this time, pearl paper is a lot more subtle than gloss and provides a soft luminous glow instead- which is where it’s name is derived from. This effect is achieved with combining minerals with organic pigment so it’s almost delicate and rich looking.

  1. Bamboo Paper

Another interesting name card printing material to choose from would be bamboo paper. Warm toned with a matte finish, bamboo paper appeals to the user base as it’s environmentally friendly, entirely recyclable and can be biodegradable. Bamboo paper also recreates a watercolour texture that is effortless and consistent, which makes it a unique printing material to try out.

  1. Cotton Press Paper

Cotton press paper is also another special name card printing material to try out. Made from cotton and pressed into paper, Cotton press paper is marketed as environmentally friendly on account that it is recyclable and biodegradable so it can be reused as other useful material. Besides, cotton press paper adds a touch of sophistication to name cards so it’s definitely something to try out.