It goes without saying that video is a captivating form of digital media, particularly when the content is attention grabbing, humorous and/or gives an answer to the question you are searching for. YouTube statistics show that video advertising is particularly effective because of this and in fact only 10% of their viewers choose to skip an in-stream ad before the 30 second payment threshold.

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1) Video is mobile

Online video now accounts for almost 50% of all mobile traffic. Mobile video is convenient, and users are more likely to be more engaged as they’re either searching for something specifically or needing entertainment whilst on the go i.e. commuting.

 2) Video advertising can be targeted

Selling kitchen utensils? Target video cookery demonstrations. Brand of trainers? Target fitness videos? with video advertising the targeting opportunities are endless, but what you can be sure of is getting your video ads to the right people, at the right time, with the right interests.

3) Video analytics

Just like PPC, YouTube also provides you with analytics for you to be able to analyse the performance of your video advertising. It also includes real time metrics so you can have visibility of viewer behaviour.

4) Video conversions

Some of the biggest online retailers including Amazon have demonstrated that by showing an ad it can increase the chances of a viewer making a purchase by 35%.