Web Branding



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Who is more entitled to determine that the site has the best and best design or otherwise, other than the user who uses it.

The best website design feature is a fairly subjective issue and has a variety of different views. This is because each user is unique and each has its own taste, opinion and choice.

The next section will generally tell you some of the key features that can be observed to determine whether a site is said to be a good website.

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1-Website that is always well managed

Well-managed sites can refer to various aspects and one of the key aspects of managing information. Well-managed information refers to how it is processed, administered, organized, organized and then presented to loyal users. Among them is to sort it according to user requirements, based on similarity or same category, based on hierarchy and so on. For example, for a learning-based website, information may be arranged according to subject, topic or difficulty level. For business-to-business sites, they must be based on products, prices, producer units and so on.

2-Easy-to-explore website

A well-managed website is easy for users to move around from one site to another.

In addition, there are various ways that our website can be easily explored by many users. Among them is by breaking the long web page is shorter and easier to understand. Please avoid web pages that are too long because they may invite boredom to visitors. Also, make sure we have a link that allows users to return to the homepage on each page of the site. The easy-to-understand navigation system is one of the factors that your website is the best.

3-Your website is impressive

There are various ways to attract users to your website. Attracting users’ attention does not mean they require the use of beautiful graphics or sophisticated multimedia technology. Simple and clear is also a feature of a website that can attract attention. Additionally, websites that use simple and harmonious colors with harmony with each other and can be displayed perfectly on most web browsing software are also features that can capture the attention of discerning users. In addition, we must ensure that every graphic used is small (less than 50kb for example). This is especially for users browsing the Internet using dial-up technology.