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This knowledge and resources will help you improve your t-shirt patterns, to encourage you to create t-shirt design features that meet your design criteria as well as those that your customers will love This information will help you appreciate the five various genres of t-shirt styles and where you can find t-shirt new designs if you’d like to start your own t-shirt company but aren’t certain what to display on your shirts. This experience and resources will assist you in improving your t-shirt styles, to help you to develop t-shirt design features that match both the design requirements and the preferences of your consumers.

Let’s take a look at the five most popular t-shirt styles.

T-Shirt Designs in 5 Different Styles

Design features for Typefaces

With little or no pictures or photographs on the t-shirt, this style relies almost entirely on words, expressions, or slogans. The printed words are the most prominent feature in typographic t-shirt styles. The word, quote, or logo on the t-shirt, as well as choosing which font, or font combinations, to use, require imagination in this style of t-shirt layout. When creating typographic templates, you must take into account fonts, word structure, and the arrangement of sentences.


Figure:- Typeface Design


  • Easy to make, with little to no creative ability needed.
  • Relying on the letter, word, or slogan, a very effective t-shirt.
  • You won’t need an artist to make a font or a greeting for you and you’ll be able to do it yourself.
  • Since you won’t be printing a series of complicated colors, your t-shirt template will be able to be displayed using any printing process.


  • Pay attention to font matching and word or sentence structure because they can have a significant effect on the overall appearance of the t-shirt.
  • It can also be able to easily reproduce and copy this style of t-shirt design.
  • Be sure the phrases/messages don’t violate any expressions which are licensed.

Design features FOR Photographs

Hyper-realistic photographs describe this t-shirt style. T-shirts with photography patterns emphasize the logo itself, with any description serving as a compliment. Because the image is the most important aspect of this form of t-shirt layout, the manufacturing process is particularly crucial to ensure that the image appears exactly as it should. The easiest way to produce high-quality prints on your t-shirts is to use the Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing process, which should be someone’s main preference.


Figure:- Photoghraphy Design


  • Whenever printed correctly, T-shirts with visual photographs on themselves can be quite intriguing and eye-catching.
  • The t-shirt layout can be difficult for anyone to duplicate based on the illustration itself, particularly if it is handcrafted.
  • You can make this style of t-shirt design as plain or as complicated as you want.


  • You’ll need a high-resolution picture that the clients would like to put on their t-shirts.
  • To have the absolute best representation of your picture printed on the t-shirt, you’ll use DTG and also all-over-sublimation printing processes.
  • To print a high-quality version of the picture on a t-shirt, you’ll need the correct file size and specs.
  • If you’re not using a picture you took yourself, make sure you have the appropriate license for the picture you want to display on your t-shirts so you don’t break any copyright rules.

Design features in Visualization

Both typeface and decoration are used in this style of t-shirt design. Photos that are normally combined with typefaces to produce a stylized, illustrative t-shirt style that is fascinating and eye-catching are among the main design criteria.


Figure:- Visualization Design


  • When the illustration and typography fit really well, this style category can be very captivating.
  • Your t-shirt can be designed in a variety of ways, focusing on how colorful your style is.
  • You can make this style of t-shirt layout as plain or as complicated as you want.
  • When you make your own graphic template, it would be impossible for anyone to copy your t-shirt design.


  • You’ll almost always have to without doing your own design work or hire someone to do that for you.
  • You can buy pre-made graphic designs, but you avoid not being able to sell a one-of-a-kind design.
  • All licenses or paintings may use in the design must be paid for so you don’t violate any trademark.

Design features for A BRAND

This designed solely to promote a product, a brand, or a company. You must be familiar with your own name and know-how they want it to be “designed” to produce a successfully branded layout. This entails understanding what fonts, color palettes, fabrics,  styles, and actual look correctly represent your brand.


Figure:- Brand Design


  • This can be as straightforward or as complicated as you want; after all, it’s your own brand.
  • Customers who wear your t-shirt will be walking billboards for your business.
  • Since the brand is distinct, these designs would be impossible to imitate.
  • Build your customized templates with illustrations, photographs, typography, or some variation of these design features.
  • This style would most likely be quick and adaptable to any scanning process.


  • Before you begin selling your t-shirt, make sure your clients will choose to wear it to reflect your company. Please ensure there’s a market for it.
  • Depending on your ability level and however you want the template to look, you can need to recruit someone to produce it for you or buy licenses for pre-made photographs or graphics.

Design features for Abstract: –

They are designed by repetition or illogical combinations of pictures or text. It doesn’t have a specific story, context, or context because it depends on individual imagination. Abstract architecture focuses on being creative, distinctive, or decorative rather than being functional, which can take the form of designs, curves, lines, or some mixture of these.


Figure:- Abstract Design


  • You can make this design template yourself, based on your layout and experience level.
  • You can make this template as basic or as complicated as you want.
  • The printing process can easily print out these patterns.
  • Depending on the style, some will find it challenging to duplicate it.


  • One has to pay for any licenses and copyrighted paintings that one can use to create their design.
  • If you buy pre-made graphic design elements like photographs, diagrams, or fonts, you risk not being able to sell a truly original design.

Motivation for T-Shirt Designs

Checking out these tools for ideas on one or more of these styles so you can determine whichever one, or ones, you want to model for your own shop now that we’ve gone through the various types of styles. Bear in mind that these tools will show you what’s famous, trendy, and hottest sales in the world of fashion, so bring what you want and put your own twist on it.  People should get inspiration rather than imitating others if they want their design to unique and exclusive.


Take some time to look through the design inspiration tools we’ve included so you can get a clearer sense of what you like and don’t like in a  design, so you can choose which of the five design styles you like and then create your own shop around that design. By knowing what you want and don’t like about the design patterns you see, you’ll be able to save time and resources by not wasting time and money messing with such design trends yourself.

Best wishes!