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The size of the wedding card can be varied but one standard has been set based on the envelope size standard.

Would the bride be able to book a rarely made size but perhaps to find the appropriate cover is quite difficult and costly.

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  1. Determine the wedding card for one or two occasions.
  2. Define a map of the location either one place or two.
  3. If there is a group dowry, consider also.
  4. 4×6 inch size card, postcard size, piece type – ideal for one side with a simple and affordable map.
  5. Card size 4×6 inch, 2 or 3 fold, suitable for two parties with a simple map.
  6. Card size 4×8 inch, piece – for party party with detailed map. The invitation will also be long.
  7. Card size 4×8 inch, folding 2 or 3, suitable for two parties with detailed map and long invitation paragraph
  8. Card size 6 x 6 piece – for a party event with detailed map. The invitation will also be long. The selection of these sized cards will provide more space for map layouts and invitations, at the very least unobtrusive.
  9. Foldable 6×6 inch size card, suitable for 1 or 2 parties. If there is one party, there will be a page for the map, the invitation, the front page and the face for the wedding.
  10. A5 size card (double A4 paper), piece – suitable for one party only.
  11. A5 size paper (A4 folding paper), fold-fit for both parties.
  12. The calculation of the price of the card is based on the size of the card opening and quantity.
  13. More and more quantities are getting cheaper for a piece of ‘
  14. The larger the marriage card, the more info can be entered such as the information to be contacted can be placed a great name. Brides from Sabah / Sarawak will put all the names of their family members together and need a page.