Advertising Tips


A big banner with a bright logo, filled with striking colors and simple text, is a brilliant way to make your point, no matter what it is. Banners and other forms of signage and advertising are, of course, ubiquitous. When we walk down the street and across houses, there’s a lot fighting for our attention, so how do you make sure your banner stands out?

The ideal banner would not appear by chance. It necessitates certain strategic design choices. Let’s take a look at five vintage banner-style ideas that will assist you in making the ultimate banner.

1. Be Mindful About The Mission

To create the ideal banner, you must first ensure that you have a good view of your goal. What is the point of making one in the first place? What is it supposed to accomplish?

Here are a few potential objectives to think about:-

  • Boost market recognition
  • Shift the public’s view of the brand by rebranding it.
  • Introduce a new offering.
  • Draw attention to a deal or exclusive offer.
  • Publicize a forthcoming case.
  • Instill a sense of belonging in a place.
  • Raising consciousness for a social cause is a great way to go.
  • Banners may be used for a variety of purposes; these are only a few examples.

Note that certain objectives are more long-term and can require banners to be hung for an extended period of time, while others are only seasonal.

2. Let The Banner Stand Out From The Background

Although banner location is crucial for a variety of purposes, the physical environments of the banner are the most essential. You want the banner to reach out in order to attract passers-attention, so think about what backdrop it would be interacting with.

If you wouldn’t actually listen to the environment, you might, for example, plan a banner in an appealing red and orange color theme only to discover that it’s hanging on the front of a red brick house, where it blends in with the neighboring colors. A color like white, brown, or green, rather than red or orange, will be a much safer option in this situation.

3. Color Choices Are Essential

Color is also important in conveying the right message, as anybody who works in marketing or graphic design knows. According to one report, people shape opinions about people and goods in under 90 seconds. On the other hand, colors are focused because of those opinions between 62 and 90.

Although color tastes and associations are a personal matter that differs from person to person, there are also wider cultural associations associated with different colors that influence people’s attitudes in general. Green, for example, is often correlated with the climate and capital in the United States.

4. Utilizing Photos Of High Quality

Eye-catching graphics, whether they’re portraits or graphic art, are a great way to improve the look of your banner. However, using low-quality photographs that appear distorted or grainy on the final product is one of the most frequent wide-format printing errors. It’s impossible to predict what an image would look like when expanded up to match a banner that’s several feet long once you’re staring at it on the pc screen.

5. Make The Text Accessible From A Considerable Distance

When it relates to readability, the gap may have a negative effect. Realizing from what range the banner will be seen is crucial, as is ensuring that all text on the banner is visible from that length. If the letters seem to be too small, you might want to make them bold.

Second, remember the rule of thumb of 10 to 100. If you want your letter to be readable at a distance of 100 miles, you can make it 10 inches tall. This maxim can be simplified into a formula that looks like this: Letter height in inches = distance in feet/10.


When you’ve invested time and money into creating the ultimate banner template, you want to make sure you entrust it to a printer who can make your vision a reality. MEGA ADWORKS has the knowledge and experience to lead you through the printing process and deliver a final product you’ll be proud to show. Our banners will remain as colorful as the day you got them because of fade-resistant, full-color inks.