Clothes Tips



T-shirts are made of different types of materials or materials that vary according to clothing used for casual, sports and so on.

Materials also play a role in the comfort and quality of clothing.

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  1. Tetra Cotton (26TC / 30TC)

The fabric of the type Tetra Cotton is a cotton blend and it is not 100% Cotton. These types of fabrics are usually cheaper than the 100% Cotton fabrics. Ideal for school students especially for elementary school, kindergarten, sports day, family day, family day and so on. This type of Tetra Cotton fabric is less permeated than cotton 100% Cotton. But the fabric of this type is more durable and rugged and not easily spread when washed and worn.

  1. Cotton 100%

The fabrics of 100% Cotton are the most sought-after fabrics and fabrics of the 100% cotton fabrics are suitable for a variety of uses, both indoor and outdoor activities and are suitable for use at all times and at any time. The fabrics of this type easily permeate the sweat and are comfortable to wear. The fabric is softer than tetra cotton. Since it is 100% cotton, it is soft and the quality of fabric and durability depends on the thickness of the fabric. Thicker 100% cotton fabrics are usually more durable. This type of fabric comes in two types namely Cotton Biasa and Cotton High Grade.

  1. CVC / Lacoste

CVC or Lacoster type fabrics are a mixture of cotton and polyester. The fabrics of this type are softer than TC or Tetra Cotton and the fabrics of this material are also less absorbing sweat. These fabrics are widely used for formal wear such as collared clothes.

  1. Micro Fiber

This Micro Fiber fabric is very comfortable and tasteful. Micro Fiber type fabrics are usually used for rugged and recreational activities such as sports days and outdoor activities including jersey balls. This fabric does not absorb sweat and causes it to feel hot. The price for this type of fabric is more expensive than TC fabric, lacoste and also cotton.kain this type is also called Quick Dry because it is fast dry and light.

  1. Cotton Interlock

Cotton Interlock fabrics are fabrics of high quality and good quality. This type of fabric is thicker than other fabrics but the cotton interlock fabric is softer and not hot even though it is thicker. This cloth is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Ideal for formal tshirt and collared. For those who value comfort and quality, you need to choose this type.