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When you are creating a flyer, you want to produce something that your customer will actually want to lift up and take with them. One of the big advantages of printed flyers, is that they are something physical. Something that a customer can actually take a hold off, and keep to look at later.

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A5 paper

Next up is A5 (210mm x 148mm), another popular size for printing a flyer, and one that provides you with a lot of space to explain your message. A5 flyers are a cost effective way of getting your offering to customers, as you can use both sides of the page to promote a product, service, event or special offer. A5 flyers are popular for point of sale merchandise, trade shows, door to door leaflet drops and direct marketing campaigns. If you are planning any of these in the coming months, be sure to consider using A5 flyers.

A4 paper

While you can print flyers to A3, A4 is as large as most companies will tend to go. After this you are getting closer to poster dimensions, and the effectiveness of your flyer will start to disappear. Remember, the key to an effective flyer is something that your customer will want to grab and take with them. Something that can easily be fitted into their bag or pocket. A4 flyers (297mm x 210mm) provide you with ample space to get creative, while also giving you the platform to explain things in greater detail. If you have a specific product or service that requires explanation, then use an A4 flyer to highlight the many benefits your customers can expect to enjoy.

DL sheet

DL sheets are a popular layout of flyer, and these are 1/3 A4 page (210mm x 99mm). Their dimensions allow for them to fit perfectly into DL envelopes, making them a great choice for a direct mail campaign. They are also a perfect fit for the pocket, and are a popular choice for trade shows and exhibitions where you can display many different DL flyers in a DL holder to highlight your range of products and services.

Square paper

To stand out that little bit more than you would with a standard flyer, consider using a square dimensioned flyer. The most popular dimensions here at digital printing are 140mm x 140mm, 148mm x 148mm and 210mm x 210mm. Again, these can be really useful for a direct mail campaign as their shape and size will stand out against normal post when posted through a customer’s letter box.